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Villa Elevator

Kirin's wing sightseeing elevator adopts advanced VVVF speed regulating device, FM gearless driving mode and shock proof technology, with reference to the human body engineering, design the best operation curve, bring you a smooth and comfortable ride experience. It is a suitable choice for hotels, office buildings and other large buildings.
Product description




Villa Elevator


Kirin's Wing High-end villa elevator, a necessity for your quality life.


In this fast-paced world, home is the only place to relax. Whether for the elderly, children, furniture, household items, changing clothes, or entertaining guests, we need to go up and down the building many times a day. We believe that after using Kirin's Wing Villa elevator, you will feel more safe and comfortable than just convenience. Kirin's Wing professional villa elevator, using more advanced intelligence and safety technology, more sophisticated materials and configuration, efforts to create a safe, comfortable, durable, intelligent professional villa elevator, high-end people pursue the ultimate quality of life is the best choice.


According to the situation of the villa, can be divided into the middle of the staircase type, well reserved type, by the wall and other locations. Chinese style, American style, European style, Japanese style and other decoration styles can be customized according to your villa decoration style, and your villa decoration style integration, the overall more beautiful, comfortable.



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