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Glorious Ten Years, Thank You, Guangcheng Optoelectronics 10th Anniversary Celebration and New Product Launch Conference Ends Successfully

Glorious Ten Years, Thank You, Guangcheng Optoelectronics 10th Anniversary Celebration and New Product Launch Conference Ends Successfully

  • Time of issue:2019-01-06 01:47

(Summary description)Glorious Ten Years, Thank You, Guangcheng Optoelectronics 10th Anniversary Celebration and New Product Launch Conference Ends Successfully

Glorious Ten Years, Thank You, Guangcheng Optoelectronics 10th Anniversary Celebration and New Product Launch Conference Ends Successfully

(Summary description)Glorious Ten Years, Thank You, Guangcheng Optoelectronics 10th Anniversary Celebration and New Product Launch Conference Ends Successfully

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  • Time of issue:2019-01-06 01:47
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Brilliant ten years thank you. On January 6, 2019, the 10th anniversary celebration and new product release conference of guangcheng photoelectricity will be held grandly. Excellent dealers from all over the country and all employees of our company gathered together to review our 10-year history, witness the release of our new products such as "kirin wing" series elevators, and participate in our 10th anniversary celebration and 2019 welcome party.




To congratulate the linkage U have valley, port of dalian international business park general manager ms Zhou Wen southeast, fuzhou electronics co., LTD. General manager Mr Zi-shun he and Wu Hanhua sea detection equipment co., LTD. General manager should be qing zhou, Shanghai STEP Electric Corporation, head of sales director, Mr Wu Jiangpeng and hebei Oriental fidelity machinery co., LTD, suzhou torin drive equipment co., LTD., exhibition peng technology co., LTD. More than 20 domestic well-known enterprises such as high-level representative.

General manager lu yongjun presented souvenirs to the guests and took a group photo
Ceremony of the chapter
This party is divided into two chapters. In the first chapter of the ceremony, the ceremony was launched. General manager lu yongjun invited 5 representatives including Ms. Qu yanling, executive director, to take the stage to launch the 10th anniversary celebration together and open a new journey for the future of guangcheng photoelectricity. The departure ceremony of the 10th anniversary has drawn a satisfactory full stop for our company in the past ten years and created a new starting point full of pride. We believe that in the next decade, we will see a new transformation of optoelectronics!

Ceremony began, division I deputy general manager shi zhilong first made a wonderful speech. 10 years to sharpen a sword, dream and sail. This meeting is not only a review and summary of the past ten years of our company, but also an outlook and planning for the development of elevator manufacturing in the next ten years.

Later, general manager lu yongjun and deputy general manager shi zhilong launched the qilin elevator, and Chen lijing from the elevator manufacturing division of our company made a detailed interpretation of the new qilin wing elevator. This means that kylin series elevator developed by our company is officially successful, which is also a milestone in the development process of optoelectronic elevator manufacturing. Qilin series elevator will be officially off line in June this year, please stay tuned!

Unveiling ceremony of kirin elevator

Chen lijing of elevator manufacturing department launches new products for kirin wing elevator
After the opening ceremony, jin huiyu, instrument manufacturing department of our company, will introduce two new products, including the quality detector for elevator ride and the Internet of things. All the above products are independently developed by our technical staff. Currently, they have passed the stage test and will be fully sold in 2019.


Instrument manufacturing department jin huiyu for the new instrument and yier Internet of things program released
During the ceremony, our company announced the appointment of new positions and read out the list of positions on the spot. We all made speeches one after another, hoping to set an example, take a good head, roll up our sleeves and work hard!

General manager lu yongjun issued the letter of appointment for the leadership
In 2019, our company will officially launch the points-based management scheme, which indicates that our company will start a new mode of operation management. Under the leadership of the new leadership team, the company's management level will be more excellent.
In addition, the company awarded excellent employees in 2018 for their conscientious and diligent work attitude in their respective positions.

General manager lu yongjun awarded prizes to excellent employees
Finally, yong-jun lu, general manager of published a speech, speech is to review the development process of the optical path for ten years and glorious achievements, ten years development course of the electricity and light Cheng Guang always leave partners, agents, and thank all optical path, and puts forward light Cheng Guang electricity over the next decade development direction and goals. He pointed out that optoelectronics will make use of the company's existing elevator manufacturing and technical advantages, continue to dig resources, integration of resources, break through the bottleneck, to create a new pattern of agents, employees, the company, the society win-win situation.
Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the fine tradition of "one person in trouble, many help, many firewood flame high", to express the enterprise and all staff "mutual help" humanistic care, 2019 set up the kirin fund. Guarantee fund accurate help difficult workers, for workers to increase security.

Kirin fund launch ceremony
Happy chapter
The second chapter happy chapter, general manager lu yongjun gave a toast, the formal start of the dinner.


The program written and directed by the staff of our company has brought wonderful performance to everyone, which is very impressive.
With the cheers and laughter of the party, the curtain fell on the celebration, and the kirin series of elevators opened a new journey.
Our company was established in 2008, ten years always focus on the special equipment inspection technology research, adhere to independent innovation, create multiple "patent" and has made the awards, in the elevator lifting class, and other fields in the country's leading level, and participate in the compiling work of crane related standards, light Cheng Guang electricity has become a leader in the field of special equipment inspection technology.
2018 is an important time node for the 40th anniversary of opening-up. It is the first year for opening up and writing a new chapter. It is also a crucial year for improving the environment for the development of the private real economy. In this moment of historic significance, we will adhere to the standardization, institutionalization of operations, multi - industry simultaneously. Strive to lead the whole industry in elevator detection, elevator manufacturing and other fields, in line with the international. We depend on "human and heaven and earth, the reputation with harmonic" business philosophy, adhere to the quality good faith, adhering to the "professional experts and lean mastery, sincere good, fair gongxin CPA" the practice of the purpose, quality service, we have high quality, high efficiency to keep "customer benefit maximization, customer development optimization" professionalism, cooperate with the customers, brand share, common development, create brilliant. We continue to consistently for the whole society of the better future lick block added tile, contribution!
Battle field for more than 10 years, strive for the highest peak of the industry, wish guangcheng photoelectricity better tomorrow!

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